Yale University- Advice on Selecting High School courses

Does your school offer AP courses?

Take them, while in high school if possible.

Yale encourages Balance

Yale does not have any specific entrance requirements (for example, there is no foreign language requirement for admission to Yale). But we do look for students who have taken a balanced set of the rigorous classes available to them. Generally speaking, you should try to take courses each year in English, science, math, the social sciences, and foreign language.


Educational and Other Resources

The following web sites are presented here for your research. We feel confident that theses sites DO NOT subscribe to “evolution” and deal strictly with the Biology and Anatomy of humans.

Image Courtesy: http://anatomyzone.com/tutorials/musculoskeletal/l...

We do not endorse, necessarily any of this sites, as we have not scrutinized their content for “evolutionist” teachings.

Please note that we only present these sites simply as resources to your Christian based educational goals.


On line study of the human body. Anatomical lesson of the entire human body. Free


Quiz yourself on anatomy



How to get into Medical School AND other biology lessons

There are some free lessons in this web site.

Introduction Triangles of the Neck


How to Get into Medical School


Other Resources

While we do not endorse any of the previous or following resources, they may be of help to you in deciding when, how and the best way to home school your child.

  • Hawaii HomeSchool Association.


* We are not associated nor affiliated in any way with any of the above resources. Neither do we receive any monetary reward from them in any way.