Is Hawaii School of True Science Academy online academy accredited?
We are a Home School Resource

If you take courses as a home school student, some of our courses, under your Home School jurisdiction may be accepted as credit by some universities. You will need to inquire of the university itself.

If you take Home School courses:

  • Accreditation from us is unnecessary because you are the authorized & legal educational institution. Please read the HSLDA FAQ's found here regarding accreditation:

    • We are NOT the school - YOU are !
  • There should be no acceptance problems with your local school (private or public) or college as long as you kept records and created your own transcripts. Bottom line: They MUST give credit because it was under the authority of the homeschool educational organization (YOUR homeschool).
  • It is irrelevant who assisted in your home education. You do NOT need to be accredited nor do your co-ops or others who help with your home education. Your transcripts show that your child had Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Math, Computers (for example) under the authority of your homeschool.

For example:

  • Public schools don't list all the special speakers that came in from time to time to teach any given class. Additionally, many public High Schools are NOT themselves accredited. But colleges recognize these public high school diplomas as if they were issued by accredited organizations.
  • Hawaii School of True Science Academy is an excellent educational source for your homeschool, which is the legitimate, legal educational institution .
  • We tutor, assist co-ops, private, and home schools, and future university students with their education in the Sciences, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, apologetics, and other world view courses. We provide expert instruction while the student works at home.
  • Your homeschool is the educational institution that supplies transcripts, grades (you can copy/save the grades provided by our teachers), proof of attendance, all record keeping, hours of time spent on various courses , labs and other details.
  • When you take Hawaii School of True Science Online Academy's live, online classes from our master's, and B.S. degreed instructors, you receive grades based on your students work during the semesters.
  • Grades are copied and printed by you, the authorized educational institution, and turned into transcripts, credits . (whatever your homeschool determines it needs for any other institution including public schools).
  • So "accreditation" for online schools like Hawaii School of True Science Online Academy who assist homeschool institutions is irrelevant. Any online school claiming "accreditation" is either replacing your homeschool and is acting as the official educational institution (counter-productive to the homeschool movement, but legitimate if that's what you want to do) or is trying to look more "official" when in truth is not technically necessary.

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    * We are not in any way affiliated with, Abeka, or any other educational home school institution, other than use some of their textbooks for instruction in our classes.

  • Neither are we associated with the University of Hawaii, UH in Hawaii, OpenStax, or Rice University whose on-line free textbooks we may utilize from time to time.