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Ave Maria, Florida Home School


Hawaii School of True Science Academy

True Science for Home Schoolers

Specializing in Science & STEM Subjects.

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Sample of Courses Offered

Our home school services are based on scientific based observable facts, and never on unfounded "evolutionary" teachings.

Our pedagogic approach and method is based on proven facts - never on conjecture.

As scientists ourselves, we follow the precepts of Scientists today who accept the biblical account of creation. We utilize Apologia based textbooks and studies. ( Parents purchase text book on line.

Totally NON-DENOMINATIONAL and Respectful of Catholic Tradition

We teach true science based on the inerrant structure of the Bible. (We will use Apologia based textbooks and reliable research in order to invalidate any and all arguments against evolution).

We can hold group classes ON LINE- One to Two hours per week to complete textbook in 7 to 8 months. (Two chapters per month).

Lab experiments are separate

All experiments suggested by the textbook will be done by parents. Most experiments do not require expert supervision. Otherwise, a separate schedule and fee needs to be arranged if you want us to include lab experiments via ON LINE.

If you want us to teach and or perform experiments assigned in the textbook, we will do that as an additional part of the course, while the theory is been completed, or as a second part of the course.

This will require separate hours and a separate fee.

Please add one and a half hour per week/ per experiment. Experiments can be completed in tandem with classes. Not all experiments need be carried out.

In a Home School environment, a 16 chapter or module (no experiments) in chemistry or physics textbook from can be completed in as little as (7- to 8) months with (1.5) hours per week of lessons.

Students MUST read chapters, or modules ahead of class in order to benefit fully of the home school method of learning.

Previous teaching experience

Our staff has Excellent experience in home school. Home schooled godly oriented parents / students in Ave Maria, Florida, Hawaii and South America- in all STEM subjects. Presently home schooling our own children.

University of Hawaii adjunct Electrical Engineering Dept. & STEM subjects former professor. Various other universities in Hawaii, USA, and South America.