Lessons Length

For all On site TUTORING

On-Site Tutoring for STEM and Science classes- Two hours per week, $ 25 / Hour / Student/ Class - On scheduled days.

Live- On Line classes - Science and STEM courses also require a Minimum 2 hours per week.

Individual K- 12 courses will be covered in eight months with 2 hours per week of home school tutoring, or Live - On Line Classes, Including chemistry, physics, biology and math courses. Labs require an extra hour per week (Must be done with parents by the student).

University and College based courses can be covered during the duration of the school semester, normally in 3-4 months. (Similarly within 2-3 hours per week of classes).

Prices are per student based.

On-Site Tutoring for STEM and Science classes- Two hours per week, $ 25 / Hour / Student/ Class - On scheduled days.

Collective Classes

Collective classes can be arranged and some discount provided depending on the number of students registered for each class.

On site -in person- classes may take less than eight months to cover the entire subject. Most subjects, including math, physics, biology, astronomy, or chemistry can be completed in a matter of 5-6 months.

Start classes on September 6th and end May 6th. Final grades to be posted June 1 st.(Allow for holidays such as Christmas and New Years).

This schedule includes holiday time off for Thanksgiving (1 week off- exact date to be determined), and time off during Christmas and New Years – winter break – from December 20th to January 7th. This also includes, one week off for Spring break (exact date to be determined).

Note: During the first couple of months, we will cover more than two (2) chapters per month in order to accommodate time off for holidays.

Technical Requirements

Preferably we would like to have access to the Internet.

Some of our lessons may include on-line videos and Power Point slides related to the subject being taught.

Home or location where we conduct classes could have Internet access with a minimum of 6 mega bits per second (Most providers have 60 mega bits per second service).

If you do not have Internet access we will conduct simply with Power Point slides and textbook aides. It is NOT imperative to have Internet access.

If any student is unable to attend class, he or she may be able to listen to the class on-line and live if you advise us ahead of time by at least ½ day, so we can prepare for it.

Your student must have access to the Internet if you want to opt-in for this avenue, in case of sickness.