4th Grade Curriculum Sample:

Here is a sample for 12th grade class curriculum

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12th Grade Curriculum Example from Abeka.com

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Grade 12 Homeschool Student Kit- Abeka Texbooks

Item No. 201863


English, Precalculus, Physics, American Government, and Economics

The following items are included in this kit:

174645 Handbook of Grammar and Composition

183105 Workbook VI for Handbook of Grammar and Composition

183121 Workbook VI Quiz and Test Book

108456 English Literature z

91154 Macbeth (Literary Classics)

91162 Pilgrim's Progress (Literary Classics)

183172 English Literature Quiz and Test Book

183067 Vocabulary, Poetry VI

183083 Vocabulary, Poetry VI Quiz Book

115797 Precalculus with Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry

115827 Precalculus with Trig and Analytical Geometry Quiz and Test Book

66532 Physics: the Foundational Science

66567 Physics Test Book

66583 Physics Quiz Book

66605 Physics Lab Manual

89281 American Government

89311 American Government Quiz and Test Book

108383 State and Local Government

174653 Economics: Work and Prosperity

174718 Economics Quiz and Test Book

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